• Choose how many dinners and how many people you want to cook for.
  • Specify your dietary requirements (KETO, LOW SUGAR, VEGETARIAN)
  • Click VIEW MEALPLAN to see our suggested meals for you to cook.


If you have a favourite meal you cook every week, simply click through using the arrows. 

Once you’re happy with your Meal Plan, click “Add To Shopping List

Your Calculated Shopping List

The shopping list contains all the items and ingredients for the recipes generated.

The quantity has been calculated based on the amount of people and recipes.

Add more items to the list (hey! we all need toilet paper).

Send the list to a friend via email or sms.

If you already have the item / ingredients, simply swipe to delete.

Recipe List

This is the list What’s For Dinner generates from. Here you can add your own recipes, download recipes from the Recipe Market or even from your Friends.

 Remember you can tweak these recipes to your needs. These recipes will always be available in the Recipe Market if you need to revert.

Recipe Market

The Recipe Market is available when you login through Facebook. 
Filter on specific diets, search for a recipe name or even a favourite chef!
Watch out for some great meals from your favourite chefs coming soon!!



Remember when you had that amazing Rack Of Lamb or those amazing Fish Tacos at your friends house. Want the recipe? Ask your friend to add it to What’s For Dinner! 
Any Facebook friend who adds recipes to What’s For Dinner you can download.

New Recipe

You can provide full detail for your recipes.
Main Image, Method Images, Nutrition, Method Details, Key Protein.
If you want to Publish the recipe to the Recipe Market, just flick the “Publish To Recipe Market“. Other WfD users can enjoy your favourite recipes too!

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